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Fogging MachineFogging Machine

Before you want buy fogging machine, you please firstly make sure answer your question below,
What level quality fogging machine you are looking for?
Do you want buy inferior quality machine? Or you want your machine have same level Europe quality standard?
What function you are looking for?
I feel difficult start up machine, I want electric automatic start up machine, it will make my work easy.
Please do not kidding and cheating yourself, in the world now, if some machine claim they have electric automatic start up, we are pretty assure you their machine will have problem or broken less than 2 month, if it is broken, it will cost you so expensive for repair the machine.
For the manual start, you just need 3-5 times pumping the machine ill very simply and easy start up the machine.
Why you want choose that unreliable quality electric automatic start up machine? Why you want pay more for get more problem?
How much for your expecting price?
I am the distributor in Hongkong, I want get the machine for distributor price under USD 200.
I am the end customer in Hongkong, I want get the machine at retail price under USD 400.
We tell you, please do not kidding and cheat yourself, if someone can offer such cheap price to you, they must offer you the very lower level inferior quality machine, in 1 week or 1 month use, their machine will broken.
How many years for the life span of the machine you are looking for?
You want use the machine more than 6 years trouble free, you want after you use the machine more than 6 years you still can use the machine, right?
You do not want use your machine only for 1 week or 1 month will broken, all right?
So please do not trust some other people tell you they can offer you the machine at retail price under USD 400 per pcs machine, pleas must know that, for higher level quality machine, you must pay more for get the higher level quality.
How many days you are looking for the Fault-Free machine?
You want your machine can be used more than 6 years for fault free, all right?
Ok, so please choose Longray brand fogging machine, we will meet all your requirement, we will never let you down.
We hereby kind-hearted recommend following appropriate reasonable price high level good quality machine to you.

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